Polyethylene fish cage

Arya Cage polyethylene fish breeding cage is one of the most common fish breeding beds in the world.

This structure can be built in different dimensions and sizes.

The Arya Cage structure is a structure that can be used in the sea, lake, behind dams and dams, and because of the many advantages of this structure, it is one of the most popular fish breeding platforms in the world.

Polyethylene fish breeding cages are designed and produced according to capacity, species and location.

The technical and engineering department of this company has been responsible for the design and production of many types of this structure required by domestic and foreign projects since 2009.

Breeding fish in these beds is one of the most common methods of breeding aquatic animals. Another way to raise fish is to breed them in indoor and outdoor ponds and fishing tubs. Of course, each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages and is used according to environmental and weather conditions.

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Aria Plastic Machinery Marine Industries, as the only manufacturer of special polyethylene products for marine industries with ISIC code, such as marker buoys, mooring buoys, guide buoys, wave recorders and specialized floating docks and fish breeding cages in Iran, marine industry products It offers itself under the brand name of Marine Plast.

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The base of the fish breeding cage

Marine Plast has been a leader in the construction and implementation of projects related to this structure, and by having a team of experts, it has completed many successful projects so far. Ariaplast machine fish breeding cage equipment is produced by rotomolding method. It should be noted that these equipments are made of the most resistant raw materials. For more information, call the numbers on the website and get the necessary advice.

What are the types of fish breeding cages

Like any other structure, the polyethylene fish breeding cage has various types that are used according to the geographical location as well as environmental and weather conditions.

In general, this type of structure is divided into 3 main types: fixed, floating and submerged.

In the following, we will give a brief explanation about each of the above cases.

Fixed type fish breeding cage:

The fixed type of fish farming is such that special nets with a special mesh radius are thrown into the water of the lake, river, etc. In order to fix these nets, poles are installed in the water bed, which are kept stable by these poles with special net equipment.

This structure is used in shallow areas, because special poles must be installed to keep the nets stable.

Breeding fish in this type of structures has little cost because the steps to do it are easily done and also its design is not a difficult task.

Floating type of fish breeding cage:

Breeding fish in these floating environments is also another common method. In this bed, special nets with special mesh sizes are used.

A series of polyethylene pipes that are bent and form a hollow circle are installed around this net. These pipes are placed on each other by the base of polyethylene cages.

In the seabed, special clamps are used to keep fluid transfer pipes afloat. In fact, the polyethylene floating clip is placed on both sides of the pipe and keeps it on the surface of the water so that water and chemicals can be transferred properly.

It should be noted that in order to prevent the fish-eating birds from eating the fish inside the net, special nets are also installed in the upper part of these structures so that these fish do not become food for the birds.

Among the advantages of using this type of bed, we can point out the ability to design in various shapes, as well as the possibility of installation in areas with great depth and stormy conditions.

In addition, the cost of repairing this structure is much lower than other types.


Images of polyethylene fish cage samples and implemented projects by Marine Plast marine industries

Immersion type fish breeding cage:

These structures are designed and used based on the water depth. In other words, since the wavelength increases with the increase of the water depth and the energy decreases accordingly, in the areas where the depth is half the wavelength, the water environment is calm and without turbulence. Therefore, a suitable substrate for aquatic life is provided.

Their installation method is such that special anchors are placed vertically on the floor.

They are designed in such a way that when the atmospheric conditions become stormy, its movement is in line with the waves and goes to deep areas. Therefore, in stormy conditions, aquatic animals can take refuge in deep water areas without being harmed.

Immersion type fish breeding cages are produced in 2 spherical and plate shapes.

The spherical type of this float has a very high resistance against long and strong waves. Despite the high cost required for its design, installation and commissioning, we recommend using this type in areas where high waves are flowing.

Its overall structure is plate-type and consists of two cones stuck together. Its net volume should not be reduced during the flow of long and energetic waves. Tours are interchangeable. We recommend using them in turbulent environments.


The polyethylene floating fish breeding cage that is installed and operated by our company has high resistance and does not rot or corrode against water moisture.

The dimensions of the nets used in the projects are pre-calculated according to the age and dimensions of the fish, as well as the weather and atmospheric conditions of the environment, and the equipment that is used to keep these nets tight. Having nets and not wasting fish food is guaranteed.

The location is determined based on what factors

Various factors such as water depth, water bed and water flow are things that must be considered in the installation and operation of this structure.

As already mentioned, its fixed type is launched in shallow depths and its floating type is launched in deep areas. The reason for this is the decrease in the strength of the poles in deep and turbulent areas that keep these structures in place.

In fresh water, it is very difficult to install poles to keep the type constant. Therefore, before launching projects related to fish farming in this environment, it is very important to pay attention to the type of fresh or salty water.

Another factor that affects the establishment of this sea bed is the speed of water flow. This speed should be balanced. In other words, if it is too high, it can damage the net and other equipment, and if it is lower than a certain level, the waste materials are not removed and the required oxygen is not supplied.


Polyethylene products of Marine Plast marine industries

What types of fish breeding cage tour includes

3 types of nets are used in the construction of fish breeding cages, each of which is installed with a specific purpose. These tours include the following 3 main types:


The main tour: This tour is the same tour that we mentioned in the description of its building. In fact, the fish are kept afloat by this net.

It is obvious that the dimensions of its holes vary according to the type of cultivated species. The most important feature it should have is its anti-moss.


Protective net: This type of net is used to increase strength and in other words to protect the main net.


Net to prevent fish from being eaten by birds: This net is installed in the upper part of the fish breeding cage in such a way as to prevent the fish inside from being eaten.

In addition, due to its installation method, it prevents the main net from overturning in stormy conditions.


An important point that you should pay attention to in projects related to its installation and sizing is the structure and characteristics of the bag. This bag should have the following features:


What points should be paid attention to in installation projects

There are important points in installing a fish breeding cage that we definitely recommend you pay attention to. These tips include the following:


What are the benefits of raising fish in this bed

Fish breeding in cages is one of the most popular methods of breeding aquatic animals. The advantages of this method include the following:


What factors does the price of this structure depend on

If you intend to start these platforms, one of the most important points that you should pay attention to are the factors that are effective in reducing costs.


Paying attention to the following points will help you to significantly save related costs:

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Aria Plastic Machinery Marine Industries, as the only manufacturer of special polyethylene products for marine industries with ISIC code, such as marker buoys, mooring buoys, guide buoys, wave recorders and specialized floating docks and fish breeding cages in Iran, marine industry products It offers itself under the brand name of Marine Plast

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