Polyethylene life ring

Polyethylene life ring for 12 people is one of the polyethylene products produced and supplied by Aria Plastic Machine Group.

The uses of this functional product include travel, commercial and military uses. (Of course, it has different dimensions and weights according to the environment it is used in). It is most commonly used in swimming pools and marine transport ships.

The life ring has very high quality and strength and is produced from the best type of polyethylene using the most up-to-date and latest methods and technology.


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Aria Plastic Machinery Marine Industries, as the only manufacturer of special polyethylene products for marine industries with ISIC code, such as marker buoys, mooring buoys, guide buoys, wave recorders and specialized floating docks and fish breeding cages in Iran, marine industry products It offers itself under the brand name of Marine Plast.

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ISO standards

As mentioned, the Marine Plast life ring has high stability and resistance, and this has made it guarantee high safety for consumers with its optimal performance

Among its uses, we can mention its use in all kinds of swimming pools (of course, which have various uses according to the size and length), marine and diving equipment, which is used as an auxiliary float in these fields. . (You can also use this product when you are tired from swimming or have muscle cramps)

It should be noted that the polyethylene life ring is a fixed member of all marine transport ships. They also use it on the sides of all kinds of floating docks in emergency situations


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One of the important uses of the polyethylene life ring is to use it in times of emergency, which prevents swimmers from drowning by keeping them afloat

In addition, this device is also used in areas such as ships, swimming pools and docks. You must have seen by now that in most ships, these equipments are installed to be dropped on the water surface and used in emergency situations and in deep water

This disc-shaped product is usually carried on ships at sea and can be seen on the sides, stern, pilot’s stairway or deck. Areas with a direct plunge into adjacent water deep enough to drown have a high risk. A life ring must be installed in these areas

Typically, a lifebuoy is thrown over a body of water to help the casualty stay afloat as a rescuer holds onto it and pulls the casualty out. In this operation, the rescuer does not need to contact water and only helps from dry land. The rescuer needs to be careful not to get dragged inside and fall

In other words, in these water environments, people who are in emergency situations and are in danger of drowning, use this product to float on the surface of the water so that they don’t drown


As mentioned, the life ring has many types and dimensions, each of which has its own specific uses. Some of them are made for use in swimming pools and others for other water environments such as seas, oceans, lakes, etc

the life ring used in swimming pools are smaller and lighter than those used in oceans


A very important thing to note about this product is its color. This product usually has bright colors that can be easily identified and observed in water environments, especially in areas with strong and long waves. Orange color is the most suitable color that can be seen well in the blue sea and under the blue sky


When you plan to use a life ring in swimming pools, you must consider the dimensions and depth of the pool as an important parameter. Also, the number and age of people who intend to use this equipment is also considered a very important factor. For example, if a relatively small number of people (for example, 12 people) intend to use this float, the 12-person type of Marine Plast life ring is considered a very suitable option.


Like any other float, the vital physical and fluid parameter for this product is its buoyancy. In fact, it is this physical property that keeps the swimmer’s head above the surface of the water. In addition, it is very important that the materials used in its production have sufficient resistance. So, the polyethylene life ring, which is made of heavy polyethylene 3840, is a very suitable option for use in this field


Polyethylene products of Marine Plast marine industries

What equipment should a life ring have

As mentioned, the simple but extremely practical rescue ring is used in various uses, which of course is better equipped with additional equipment. Some sellers and suppliers sell this device with its equipment and some others sell it individually


In the following, we introduce the features that this product should have

The life ring must be made of reflective material

A life ring for large-scale use should have reflective materials on its body. Obviously, the reason for the importance of using this material is that it can reflect the light rays that are irradiated on its surface, especially at night. In other words, by reflecting light rays from the surface of this object, they can be seen and identified by rescuers even at night.


They can be connected to special ropes

One of the most important things that the rescue ring should be equipped with; It is possible to install a rope on it. The importance of this issue is very clear. In fact, when a drowning person is rescued, he must be pulled along with the ring by a strong rope

Also, in order to drop it into the water, it is very important to have the ability to install a rope on it. This rope must have sufficient length and strength

In addition to the color of the float itself, we recommend choosing these ropes in bright orange color so that they can be seen and identified


Self-igniting electric lights

One of the most advanced features that this product can have is self-igniting electric lights that are lit with special batteries and have a specific time cycle for turning on and offThese lights should be waterproof and not extinguished due to moisture

The cycle time when these lights stay on should not be too low and it is better to have the ability to blink in certain time intervals


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Aria Plastic Machinery Marine Industries, as the only manufacturer of special polyethylene products for marine industries with ISIC code, such as marker buoys, mooring buoys, guide buoys, wave recorders and specialized floating docks and fish breeding cages in Iran, marine industry products It offers itself under the brand name of Marine Plast

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