Polyethylene floating dock

The polyethylene floating dock, which is produced by Aria Plastic Machine Marine Industries, is designed and produced based on the most up-to-date technology in Europe and using the “floating dock” method

All technical and engineering calculations related to the design and production of the floating dock, which is one of the most popular types of polyethylene products in the marine industry, are carried out by the engineers of this company

In the design and construction of the structure (building) of this structure, hot galvanized sheets are used, and in its surface coating, based on the application, water and moisture resistant plastic wood is used.

It should be noted that its dimensions can be designed and produced according to the requests of the applicants

It should also be noted that this product produced by the Marine Plast brand has three main types: recreational, fishing and military

As you know, water bodies such as seas and oceans have a very wide world. All types of marine structures and means of transportation that are operating and commuting in the seas and oceans have special equipment

One of the simplest and most widely used equipments is the rescue ring, which has common uses. Every type of ship and structure must be equipped with it in order to maintain safety issues and prevent damage

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Aria Plastic Machinery Marine Industries, as the only manufacturer of special polyethylene products for marine industries with ISIC code, such as marker buoys, mooring buoys, guide buoys, wave recorders and specialized floating docks and fish breeding cages in Iran, marine industry products It offers itself under the brand name of Marine Plast

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A floating dock is any dock system that has some kind of floating device under it

There can be different dimensions and layouts for this structure, which we will explain in the rest of this article


If we want to describe this structure a little more fully, this system floats on floats called pontoons and the water is moved by it.

These pontoons are often made of strong materials and are expanded with materials such as polyethylene and polystyrene. The high strength of this structure means that it will not be punctured or damaged by impacts from vessels such as boats

Polyethylene docks are usually light in weight, while wooden docks are heavy and one of their disadvantages is that they cannot be removed in winter

An important point to have in the length of the wharf is that it must be long enough and project out so that when the water level is low in the fall there is a certain amount of water of a certain height at the end of the wharf

Also, one of the other points that should be taken into account is that the distance between the dock and the boat should be enough so that it can be parked easily

What are the advantages of a floating dock with a floating deck system

Learn more: The floating dock is one of the most widely used and popular polyethylene products, which not only marine industry experts, but also ordinary users have had the experience of walking and having fun or fishing on it at least once

Many boats, ships and structures that are used for various purposes on the surface of the sea are restrained (or so-called anchored) on the water by means of special floats called anchoring buoys

What is the difference between floating and fixed dock

As it is clear from the names of these two types of structures, the location of the fixed type is completely fixed and the location of the floating dock is variable

The fixed type is used for a time and place where the water level does not change throughout the year and day and night. However, if there are a lot of tides in the seas and the water level changes significantly, we recommend using the floating type as the best option

Different materials are used in the construction of both mentioned types. Various colors are usually used in their production. Structurally, this structure is made of smaller units that can be connected to each other. In most types of this product, its final type is foldable

Probably, this question has arisen in your mind that since this structure remains floating on the surface of the water, then maybe it is not a suitable option for anchoring ships. But the reality is different. These structures have enough strength and can guarantee the necessary conditions for anchoring all kinds of ships

A very important point that must be taken into account when using the floating type is that ships must be anchored in such a way that each ship experiences minimal movement from other ships

Features of stability, safety and availability

Images of examples and projects of floating docks implemented by Marine Plast marine industries

What are its dimensions and shape

The weight and dimensions of the pier are determined according to the budget and uses. In fact, you should pay attention to what need it is supposed to solve

For example, if it is necessary to place heavy objects on it or if heavy and large boats are attached to its sides and anchored, the type of floating dock used will also be different

Different forms of this structure are marked with English letters. Accordingly, this structure is divided into the following categories

Of course, it is necessary to point out that you can determine and order the dimensions and shape of the floating dock based on the access space in which you intend to install this structure

Classification of this structure based on the type of constituent material

The type of material that makes up the types of floating and fixed type depends on what kind of budget and initial capital you have. But what should be paid attention to is that the material used should be durable and have high buoyancy properties

The materials that are usually used in the construction of these structures include the following


Since aluminum metal is very light, it is used significantly in industrial applications

One of the advantages of using this material in the construction of these structures is that since it has sufficient strength, it can withstand the blows caused by boats and wind and is not damaged

The cost of aluminum floats is usually higher than plastic floats

Aluminum is used in the construction of many docks, but if it is combined with other materials (composite material is made), it will have higher properties

Aluminum is waterproof and has sufficient resistance to weather. Therefore, it does not rust and the possibility of indentation in them is very low

This material has a low weight and has sufficient impact resistance


Instruments made of wood have a very beautiful appearance. In terms of strength, they have high durability and can be produced in different shapes

The disadvantages of using this material are the need for sanding, the need for sealing and its difficult washing. Therefore, maintaining the structure with this material is more difficult than other materials

In fact, this type of docks is traditional and from the point of view of the renewable nature of wood, they are considered suitable. But it is much more difficult to install. Nails and screws are needed to install it

In addition, the use of this type has the risk of rotting, crushing, warping and being eaten by insects

composite material

Composite materials have properties between the previous two. Both can provide the beauty of appearance similar to products made of wood and can have the high strength of aluminum structures

Their ingredients have a hard shell and they can be made in almost any color. The possibility of decay in them is very low

Plastic material (polyethylene)

Another material that is widely used in making the floating type of this product is polyethylene. This material has very favorable physical properties. Its strength is high and due to the strong buoyancy of the polyethylene floating dock, it is considered a very suitable option

This structure is made of light polyethylene and has sufficient impact resistance. In addition, it does not rust, does not withstand and does not suffer from dents

Since they consist of small components called pontoons that can be connected to each other, if one of these components is damaged, it can be easily replaced with a healthy one, and there is no need to replace the entire system

In their production, pollutants or harmful substances are not used and can be recycled

Polyethylene products of Marine Plast marine industries

What is Pantone

The polyethylene floating dock consists of smaller components called pontoons. These parts are produced separately and are connected to each other by pins

Since docks are installed in water environments and since the wind is high in these areas, boats or other components may hit the sides

As a result of this collision, the sides of the pontoons are damaged. Therefore, bumpers are used to prevent this injury

Another important point that should be taken into account when choosing the raw materials of these pontoons is the property of being resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays

The floating dock is exposed to sunlight during the day. Therefore, it is obvious that its quality type has sufficient resistance to the sun’s rays

Why do we recommend to use the floating type of dock

In the previous sections, we introduced you to the types of docks. As you can see, each of them has its own uses and advantages and limitations

Our recommendation is to use floating docks in your projects as much as possible. We will explain the reason for this emphasis on a case by case basis

In what areas are docks used

As we mentioned before, floating docks are an essential element in many different areas, including commercial, industrial, recreational, etc

Therefore, before ordering and installing this structure, you should consider the type of area where you intend to install your dock in order to make the best use of it. Because government bodies or commercial spaces may have stricter guidelines for its size

An important point in the installation phase of the floating dock is the use of the necessary accessories. For example, for docks that are used in deep and wavy areas, the use of safety fences is highly recommended

Another important point is how to attract visitors to these areas. Aquatic environments have many recreational uses. Identifying the areas that have the most visitors and installing docks in these areas can be of great economic benefit.

The third point is to pay attention to the type of water. In other words, you should pay attention to what kind of platform you intend to use the floating dock (for sea, ocean, lake, etc.). Because each of these beds has its own challenges in terms of water depth, intensity of waves and storms, etc

In the following, we will introduce you to these challenges

Sea: Since the water of the seas and oceans is salty, and since the intensity of wind and waves in these water bodies is high, a dock that is not corroded against these factors and has sufficient resistance should be used. get a job

River: Since the water flow is high in this bed, the floating dock used in rivers must move with the fluctuations of the water. In this way, this structure is undamaged and unbroken and enables the movement of boats

Lake: In these areas, the water flow is not high, but the number of ships is high. Therefore, it is obvious that the docks that are used in lakes should have sufficient impact resistance

Why do many builders use alternative structures instead of wooden structures

Wood is a material that has always been used in the construction of floating docks. But since the density and quality of the wood used was low, over time this material gave way to materials such as polyethylene

New alternative materials are more suitable in terms of safety, longevity, strength and easier management

As mentioned, the Marine Plast brand is one of the leaders in the production and supply of floating docks. These structures are highly durable and float well on the water surface. To get the necessary advice, contact the numbers on the website and get the necessary guidance from the specialists of this collection in order to order and inquire about the price of this structure

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