Polyethylene barrier buoy

The anchoring buoy is a floating object that is used to anchor private vessels, fishing boats in deep and shallow depths

For the first time in Iran, Marine Plast has produced a variety of containment buoys made of polyethylene, which are available in different sizes and uses

All these floats are equipped with foam and are produced with hot galvanized joints

In general, polyethylene buoys are used to mark different areas and also to separate territories

One of its most common uses is in installing fish breeding cages

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The history of Marine Plast activity

Aria Plastic Machinery Marine Industries, as the only manufacturer of special polyethylene products for marine industries with ISIC code, such as marker buoys, mooring buoys, guide buoys, wave recorders and specialized floating docks and fish breeding cages in Iran, marine industry products It offers itself under the brand name of Marine Plast.

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ISO standards

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marker buoy

This float produced by us is produced and supplied in various dimensions and sizes. Its different volumes are listed below


Volume: 880 liters


Volume: 550 liters


Volume: 330 liters


Volume: 2500 liters


Volume: 1600 liters


Volume: 1250 liters


Volume: 3500 liters


The polyethylene anchoring buoy is connected to a rope or chain that is anchored to the seabed.

In general, 3 types of anchors are used 



 A combination of chain and rope

Most of these objects have a bright color that can be seen and identified from far away

One of the other equipments in the containment system is the sinker. In fact, these vessels are equipped with heavier loads that are placed on the seabed. These heavy loads are called sinkers

Sinkers are usually made of cement, because they must have enough density and weight to be placed on the bottom of open water

When the sinker is placed on the sea floor, it is connected to the floating object on the surface of the water by a rope or chain

It should be noted that the length of the rope is determined based on the radius in which the float should float


Know more: among other vessels that are used as a warning and also a guide in the seas by receiving signals from the surroundings, the guide type is one of these vessels

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guide buoy

What is the purpose of using a containment buoy

The first purpose of using a mooring buoy is to prevent the release of the anchor of ships that are connected to the sea floor by ropes. Therefore, the marine ecosystem is preserved.

The second goal is to prevent ships from hitting the ground. In fact, the ships are restrained and prevented from moving due to the impact of the waves on them as well as the current of the wind.


How many types does this float contain

This float, which is one of the polyethylene products of the marine industry, is used in the following two ways

single point mode with the abbreviation SPM

 Multiple points mode with the abbreviation MBM

Conditions such as the weight of the ship and local conditions are the factors that determine which type to use 

Polyethylene products of Marine Plast marine industries

What systems are used in the containment network

The following two systems are used in the containment network

Halas system

Manta system

The Halas system is suitable for use on smooth surfaces with a stone bed. The equipment used in it includes this type of float and sinker. In fact, 3 cement sinkers are placed on the bottom of the open water and connected to the floating object on the surface of the water by a rope

The Manta system is suitable for seas with a sandy bottom. Since the sea floor is soft in this case, there is less damage to the aquatic ecosystem 

How is the design and color chosen and done

As mentioned before and according to the pictures you have seen so far, this system consists of 3 components: an anchor (which is a cement sinker), a rope or chain, and a mooring buoy.

The purpose of using this system is to control or a series of markings.

An important point that should be taken into account in its design is that the least damage should be done to aquatic and marine plants and to the aquatic ecosystem in general.

If ropes are used instead of chains, these ropes must have sufficient strength and resistance.

One of the reasons why we recommend you to use a rope instead of a chain is the less friction of the rope than the chain.

It is very important to pay attention to the color of the mooring buoy, that it is important to use a bright type to be visible, especially from a long distance. Especially at night, they should be well identifiable and visible.

What are the steps involved in planning and installing a containment buoy

There are a series of points that should be paid special attention to during the work phase of the projects. In general, the installation and planning stages related to the containment network include the following

In the following, we will give a brief explanation about each of the mentioned items

Coordination and regulation

A series of coordinations must be done with related institutions before starting the installation of the network. Especially in the case of protected areas, it is very important to make the necessary arrangements with the managers of these areas

Conduct a survey

By conducting a proper survey, things such as environmental conditions, environmental effects, etc. are determined

Determining the exact location of the containment buoy installation is very important and necessary calculations should be made in this field

Also, the water tide situation, which has a decisive role on the location of this network, should be checked in advance

Determining the type of materials used

Since this product has the role of restraining all kinds of marine vehicles with different dimensions and weights, it is very important what kind of material is used in their internal structure. In fact, these objects must have high resistance and strength, and their ability to stay afloat is also high


The containment buoy is installed in two stages

In the first stage, they are assembled and marked, and in the second stage, they are installed in specific geographical points whose coordinates are predetermined and calculated


Maintenance of the restraint system is a very important process. The maintenance of all types of equipment related to it have an impact on the stability of this network during its lifetime

It is recommended to use relevant specialists for maintenance and repair of its various components

Many times it happens that the buoy is lost due to some reasons. Since this object plays an important role in the sea, it must be replaced immediately

Financing program

Providing adequate funds for the establishment of the containment network is one of the most important issues that you should pay attention to. In fact, you must make sure that there is enough budget for equipment purchase, installation, commissioning and maintenance 

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Aria Plastic Machinery Marine Industries, as the only manufacturer of special polyethylene products for marine industries with ISIC code, such as marker buoys, mooring buoys, guide buoys, wave recorders and specialized floating docks and fish breeding cages in Iran, marine industry products It offers itself under the brand name of Marine Plast

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